The Angels Network of Organization's

Goin to the Dogs & Cats

Go in to The Dogs & Cats is a unique pet shop that offers a variety of healthy, holistic and wholesome foods, as well as gear for you and your pet. In addition to their product line, there is a self-washing room for your adoring dog.

The owners of this store are committed to making sure no animal goes hungry and supports us in our efforts to pass the love down to our four legged community.
They also support other local charities and organizations.

For more information go to


Bazel Steuart and the good people at Club Convergent have generously donated their space to us every other Thursday for Gong Style Karaoke.  They also allow us to set up a booth for advertising any weekend we want.  Thank you Convergent for passing the love down to The Angels.  Check them out by going to

United Church of Huntsville

Although the Angels are not affiliated with any churches, we do however offer our support to many in the community.  UCH is an open and affirming church where all people from all walks of life are welcomed.  They lend us their building from time to time for events and we help with some of their fundraisers.   Check them out by going to

First Stop Inc.

First Stop Inc is Paving a continuous path from homelessness to independent, sustainable living.  We drop many loads of coats, clothes, personal items and food to them as often as we can.  They help our community more than you know.  Check them out by going to

Free2be Inc.

Free2be is the non-profit organization where our co-founder, Laura Uselton, first volunteered.  The then known GLBT Advocacy and Youth services has grown to be a state wide charity organization.  Everyone is welcomed and they provide free therapy, case management, resource referrals and a variety of support groups. Free2Be has offices in Huntsville, Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile, Dothan, and an additional LGBTQ Youth peer support group in Athens.  Check them out by going to

Grateful Life Community Church

Although the Angels are not affiliated with any churches, we do however offer our support to many in the community.  Grateful Life is a community of believers from all walks of life. Everyone is welcome.  They offer a "No Stomach Left Behind" food ministry every sunday afternoon.  The Angels donate to them and they donate to us.  Check them out by going to

Austin's Lawn Care

Austin Walker is not only our volunteer Landscaping Foreman but he also has his own lawn care company. We refer all our hard working, big heart volunteers to those that would rather pay someone who needs the money vs a big company.  Austin does an excellent job for all our clients and can do a great job for you as well.  If you are interested in his services you can call 256-653-0851 and mention passthelovedown to get a great deal.  Austin also donates a precentage of his lawn care income to the Angels.