Our Volunteer Based Programs

Community Development

Through our community development program we provide different volunteer services to better our community.


Helping Hands Projects

Angels is a network of volunteers, and organizations, with different skills and big hearts ready to help anyone in any situation. From yard mowing to moving and dog sitting to cleaning, you never know what the Angels can accomplish.


Food Distribution

No one should ever go hungry.  The Angels are in the process of developing a food distribution program.  With the help of local businesses and organizations we are in the process of setting up 2 monthly food pick up locations.  We also collect food for our clients, the homeless, and other non-profits.

Donated Item Distribution

We collect items donated by individuals or organizations, sort them and deliver them to the homeless, other individuals, local organizations, or to sell for different funds. The funds we collect go to our clients needs like: diapers, food, clothes,  medicine or operational expenses.  

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or even a life saver! If you have items of any physical or monetary value, don’t put it on the curb, click here to contact us and arrange a time for pick-up.  If you are in need of any items, click below to fill out our client application.  We either have it, can try to find it, or can buy it.

Homeless Outreach

The Angels are committed to helping reduce the homeless population in Madison County.  By working with other local organizations we try to get a roof over everyone's head and food in their bellies. 

We collect random items throughout the year to distribute to local camps...

Bug Spray




Reading Glasses

Personal Items like soap, deodorant, etc...

Become a Client

The Angels Network

The Angels Network mission states that “Together the Angels Network will connect big hearts to those who need assistance”, and it's just that!

Through our angels network we try to connect individuals  to organizations, organizations to other organizations, and individuals to other individuals, all will one goal...to help those who need it however we can.   By sticking together and showing the community how big our hearts can be, together we can acomplish anything.

Individual and Charity Fundraising

The Angels Network followers have grown to over 3k in just over half a year.  We can help individuals set up a crowd fund or go fund me from start to finish and share it with our network of big hearts. We will advocate for your cause and assist in getting you the funds you need using our tools as a 501c3 Non-Profit.  If you are an individual or family in need of support or fundraising, please click here to

become a client!

In our network are a wide range of skills to help plan and carry out numerous fundraising ideas.  We also love to split funds from our very own fundraisers with charities that support us. If chosen to be an agency we support for a certain project, we give 25% of our proceeds to a cause or fund of your choice.  If you are an organization who needs our assistance, click here to partner with us!

Job & Business Referrals

One of the benefits we can offer our Angels, is the chance to show us their skills, talents, and trades to earn income. We keep a directory of those volunteers and we then promote their skills to our network of clients, donors, and followers for paid jobs.  Angels are verified through our application process, and only referred after we see what they can do. 

Pay someone with a big heart. 

Help us, Help you, Help others!

Social Media Outreach

We are in the process of building our network and developing an online social media outreach program.  Use the power of social media to pass the love down to others by sharing and posting for our community to see.  There are several ways social media can be used for good. 

To be in our referral program or to help us out on social media, click below to become a volunteer. 

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Social Services

Through our social services department we aim to provide clinical services and education to better the wellbeing of our clients and the community with the following…

Clinical Referrals

The Angels are only the few, so we aim to connect with other clinical organizations to insure we can find someone the help they need.

More information coming soon!

Individual & Family Case Management

 We aim to bring on board volunteers that can help create a collaborative process of assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation, and advocacy for options and services to meet an individual's and family's needs for a better life.

More information coming soon!   

Therapy & Support Groups

It's important that everyone have someone they can trust to talk to.  We aim to provide all inclusive free counseling and different types of support groups for those who can't afford to go elsewhere.

More information coming soon!

Cultural Competency Training

Not only are we trying to provide all inclusive social services, be we also want to train the community's professionals on how to effectively help someone whose situation is not like anyone else's.   We believe that educating ourselves on different cultures is the best way to help everyone!

For more information on the development of our Social Services Department, please click below to follow our progress.

More Information