Our Volunteer Based Services

Help Hands Projects

The purpose of the Angels is to have a network of people with different skills and big hearts ready to help anyone in any situation. From yard mowing to moving, from dog sitting to cleaning. 

If you have an emergency or a project you need assistance with, click here to fill out our application for help.

Charity Item Distribution

Included in our helping hands projects are homeless outreach and charity item distribution. 

We collect items donated by individuals or organizations, sort them and deliver them to the homeless, other individuals, local organizations, or to sell for Angels client funds. The funds we collect go to our clients needs. Diapers, Food, Clothes, and other items. 

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or even a life saver! If you have items of any physical or monetary value, don’t put it on the curb, click here to CONTACT US to arrange a time for pick-up.

If you are in need of any items, click below to fill out our client application.  We either have it, can try to find it, or can buy it.

Individual & Charity Support & Fundraising


Angels are committed to advocating for individuals and other local charities. The skills of our Angels are not only put to use during our Helping Hands Projects, but are also used towards planning and organizing fundraisers.


We can help individuals set up a crowd fund or go fund me from start to finish. We will advocate for your cause and assist in getting you the funds you need using our tools as a 501c3 Non-Profit.  If you are an individual or family in need of support or fundraising, please click here to



The Angels also love to support other local organizations. We have a wide range of skills to help plan and carry out numerous fundraising ideas. We also love to split funds from our very own fundraisers with charities that support us. If chosen to be an agency we support for a certain project, we give 25% of our proceeds to a cause or fund of your choice.  If you are an organization that wants to partner with the Angels, click below.

Job Referrals


One of the benefits we can offer our Angels, is the chance to show us their skills, talents, and trades to earn income. We keep a directory of those volunteers and we then promote their skills to our network of clients, donors, and followers for paid jobs.  Angels are verified through our application process, and only referred after we see what they can do. 

Pay someone with a big heart. 

Help us, Help you, Help others!