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It's the end of the year and tax season is upon us. Pass the LOVE down to the community and reduce your taxable income from 2018.

We are asking for your help. We have liability, rent, phone, and professional fees that are due all at once. Our next major fundraiser is in February. Please help us with our general office expenses so we can keep the lights on, doors open, gas in our vehicles, and phones on until we complete the next fundraiser. This will help us replenish our Community Development Fund as well, so that we can continue to help our clients without struggling to make it day to day.

Please donate to this fundraiser using the link below. ALL donations are tax deductible so get yours in before the clock strikes midnight. Donating through Facebook takes a month to get the funds to us, but if you want to sign up for reacuring donations, please do so on Facebook, otherwise please click below to donate so we can get the funds ASAP

If you are not familiar with what we do, please click on our homepage and browse our site to find out more about the Angels.

"The Angel Squad exists to #PassTheLoveDown by focusing on the greater good. We aim to better the wellbeing of the community by helping anyone in anyway however possible" That's our mission.

"Together the #AngelsNetwork will connect big hearts to those who need assistance" is our motto.

Angel Squad services include...

#HelpingHands Projects
#SocialServices and Social Support Groups
#ShowLOVEwithGRUB Food Drives
#SpreadTheWarmth Coat Drives

General operating expenses continue to be one of the biggest fundraising challenges for nonprofits.  We can't keep the lights on, doors open, gas in our vehicles, and phones on without your help.  A lot of our fundraisers go directly to funds for our clients or programs and not for our operating expenses, which leaves us struggling to make it day to day.
This article from the National Council of Nonprofits explains.... 

"Costs have nothing to do with how effective a nonprofit is.  In fact, overhead that is too low can be of more concern.  Instead the focus is shifting toward a nonprofit's impact and effectiveness.  It is our hope that everyone who invests in a nonprofit's mission - the staff, board, individual donors, businesses, private foundations, and government - become aware that operating a charity is not free.  It costs something to deliver a nonprofit's mission."  

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