Camp pop-a-squat camping club

What is Camp PAS


Pop-A-Squat, otherwise known as PAS is a private camping club on the Flint River around New Hope, AL.  The Angels Squad was founded by members of PAS and most of our first volunteers are members of the club.                                                                                                                                                                  Pop-A-Squat Inc, is founded on the principals of conserving nature, celebrating diversity, and embracing humanity through charitable acts of love. We are committed to showing love and fellowship to every employee, volunteer, member, client, patron in our community. Spreading Love and Kindness to the world while having one hell of a good time living life to its fullest. Nature, Diversity, Charity, and a whole lot of fun! 

Become a Member


To become a member of Camp PAS you have to volunteer for PAS Angels Squad.  This is one of the benefits we can offer our volunteers who work so hard everyday.  This is a place they can relax and be themselves without any judgement.  Fish, Swim , and Camp.  For more information please see our home page for a link to volunteer with The Angels. 



Camp PAS has lots of room for certain events.  Weddings, birthday parties, private camps.  We have special fees for non members.  For more information please email