Meet Our Volunteers

Our Co-Founders

 Alix McKinnery Morehouse

Alix Morehouse has come full-circle back to social services. After starting out as a social work major at New York's Elmira College, the army brought her to Huntsville and a career in technology. 

Alix has been retired for about five years due to mobility issues. Her return to social services began when a generous friend paid for two of her first foot surgeries. When that friend then volunteered for a homeless outreach mission, Alix joined in and realized again that helping others feeds her soul. 

She has served as Volunteer Homeless Outreach Coordinator at United Church of Huntsville since 2014, and is honored to be a part of creating the Angels Squad. Her two favorite volunteers are her wife, Lisa McKinnery, and their son Evan 

Laura Uselton

Laura Uselton has previous experience with helping launch a successful nonprofit--As a Volunteer Office Coordinator, she helped in the early stages of what was GLBT Advocacy and Youth Services (Free2be) while helping with the early success of Rocket City Pride.

As a 16-year recovering addict, Laura understands that sometimes people need a hand getting back on the right track. Laura is a cancer survivor who was previously employed in the hospitality field before chemo. 

She has always had a love of bringing people together, demonstrated by the success of the Pop-a-Squat camping club she founded in 2012. Laura is also a non-denominational ordained Minister through Universal Life Church. 

The love she has for humanity inspired her to follow through on an idea she'd had for a while--the Angel Squad.

Our Management

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